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About Community.lawyer

Every year millions of people face legal issues but can't get the expert assistance they need.

In early 2019, Community.lawyer launched its app builder to change that reality. Our no-code platform lets legal professionals productize their expertise -- and go from serving dozens of people to tens of thousands. We do this by making it easy to encode legal knowledge into web applications that automate the entire life cycle of service delivery, from intake to document generation.

Today we're used by thousands of legal professionals, and growing fast. Join us at Community.lawyer and help unlock legal expertise for everyone.

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About the role

Thousands of law firms, legal aid providers, and courts use our platform to build legal products. Many customers build those products entirely on their own. Other customers don't have the time or know-how to bring their legal product into reality.

Your first responsibility as Products Architect will be to help that second set of customers. You'll work alongside them and use our no-code platform to design and deploy their products. The legal automations you help build will be both small and large, from an app that automates client intake for a solo law firm to another that helps thousands of immigrants apply for work visas.

Your second responsibility will be to take the learnings from your day-to-day product work, systematize those learnings, and figure out the best way to scale what you do. For example, Community.lawyer already partners with a growing roster of third-party developers who use our platform, and you'll be tasked with formalizing the pipeline for packaging, referring, and overseeing those projects.

Above all, we're looking for someone who wants to use software to change the legal system for the better, and who's hard-working, independent, and adaptable. Working on a small team with a fast-growing product means your responsibilities will change rapidly, and you may be asked to work on unexpected things. If that prospect doesn't excite you, this role probably isn't for you.

The nitty-gritty

Need-to-haves: We're looking for an exceptional candidate to join our four-member team, but we don't have any experience requirements. Just make sure you tell us why you're awesome.

Nice-to-haves: We are actively seeking applications from people with diverse backgrounds and non-traditional career paths. We will also give special attention to applications from people who have created things, put them out in the world, and had real people find them useful or entertaining. Prior startup and/or legal experience is a small plus.

Location: This is a remote position, but you must be based in the United States with unrestricted work authorization. When the world is a little less crazy, we'll reopen an office in Brooklyn, and you can join us there, or keep working remote. It's up to you.

Vacation: 3 weeks

Compensation: This is a full-time role. The salary is $75K, with up to $5K to offset health insurance expenses. You'll receive .75% in stock options.

What our users are saying

"I am 76, retired, no computer background, and used this as a volunteer at the local legal aid. If you want to prove to someone that anyone can build an app with your system, send them to me."